Days Pedal Exerciser

Days Pedal Exerciser

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Strengthens the Arm and Leg Muscles

The Pedal Exerciser can be used on the floor for foot pedaling or on a tabletop surface for hand pedaling. Designed for cardiovascular fitness, the equipment can help improve blood circulation and increase muscle strength in the arms and legs. The bottom of the machine is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that prevent the pedals from slipping off during use.


Compact for Transportation and Storage

The exercise machine enables levels of low to moderate difficulty that can easily be adjusted using the resistance nob. The stationary peddler can easily be folded into a compact size for easy storage and portability. Constructed in a silver-vein finish, the Pedal Exerciser is durable, stylish, and heavy-duty for repetitive use. To exercise, simply pedal using the hands or feet at a speed that is safe and comfortable to you.


Reduces Strain and Risk of Injuries

Designed for individuals with physical limitations, the Pedal Exerciser provides a gentle, low-impact workout that helps reduce the risk of injuries. It reduces the strain exerted on the arm and leg muscles, alleviating joint pain and maintaining mobility. It also features comfortable pedal straps to help hold the feet in place while in use.


  • Low-impact pedaling motion helps stimulate blood circulation, strengthening the arm and leg muscles

  • Compact for transportation and storage, the lightweight pedal exerciser can be used in professional and personal settings

  • Equipped with four non-slip rubber feet to prevent movement during use whilst protecting the floor from damage

  • Reducing the risk of injuries, the adjustable tension nob allows users to easily adjust pedaling resistance

  • The loops the pedals can be tighted or loosened, providing additional support to the feet and hands